제목 [AJU Business Daily]Montbest,the Best Winner of ‘2013 Customer-Happy-Life Food Brand’Award
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 Montbest, the premium brand of Korea Crystal Natural Water Co., Ltd (www.kcwater.co.kr) was awarded as the best winner of ‘2013 Customer-Happy-Life-Brand’ in food (water) at Seoul Grand Hilton Hotel on Oct 28th.

‘Customer-Happy-Life-Brand’ Award is to encourage private enterprises to enhance their brand equity and boost national economic growth by selecting brands which have been contributing to customer’s quality of life and happiness as well as Gross National Happiness Index.

Korea Crystal Natural Water Co., Ltd, 40 year-old mineral water manufacturer and distributor launched ‘Montbest’ to target the international market. An elegant and modern water bottle of Montbest is environment-friendly designed and in-house produced for consumer’s health and safety. 1L PET bottle, moving away from the standard size was the key contributor to strategic brand management for the niche market and target consumers.

The water is extracted from the granitic rock layers in Pocheon, Kyungkido where is famous for the water flavor as the groundwater is filtered through the rock layers and contains lots of minerals. Particularly the water from this area is silicon-rich which is essential for human body.

‘1L bottled water’, Montbest has made up for shortcomings of existing bottle size and become more and more popular among one-person households and female consumers. Korea Crystal Natural Water Co., Ltd is confident to be a market leader in the international bottled water industry via exhaustive research into the target market and premium branding strategy.
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